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Injection mold

Wedo Mould make all types of molds including insert mold, over mold, unscrewing mold, and multi-cavities mold.We can provide customers with dimensions of 1.5 meters and weight within 25 tons of mold. Using a variety of compounds according to our clients´ requirements to produce articles ranged from simple to the complex with breitling emergency replica short lead times.

Die Cast

Wedo Mould has capability in die casting design,manufacturing and components machining,Using high quality steel and correct heat treatment process.While the trial will be outsourced to our reliable professional cooperation partner,which will help to make qualified products of large-scale manner in the following.

CMM Fixture

Wedo Mould can provide the CMM Fixture to measure the size of parts, to make sure it is no problem for the assembly. We will provide the measurement report to the customer.

Injection Moulding

Wedo Mould offer the injection moulding service as well, with 17 injection molding machines ranging from 60 to 800 tons. Wedo has amassed expert knowledge of variety materials and extensive moulding scope to meet customers' injection moulding requirement. We also have the Clean Room to meet the customer's higher requirement.


Wedo Mould can assist you in producing prototype toolings and parts.We have capabilities in CNC, SLA, SLS, FDM and Cast Urethane, each offering different rolex replica qualities and abilities that can help to quickly build, test and acquire better end-products.
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